The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

So I waited a good few months before I reviewed The life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and its methods just so I could make sure it actually worked. I feel sort of bad that I didn’t take before and after photos of the room (cause it was worth it!), I should have. But let me tell you my experiance.

KonMarie Method

KonMarie Method

I live with my 4 year old son and my fiancĂ© and we basically have to cram everything in our room because we are sharing a house. (This means our bathroom supplies and cleaning supplies all that good stuff is in the room we sleep in, plus it is a small room – limited space!). Believe me, it is really hard to work a full time job, to come home to a dirty mess made by a 4 year old and 24 year old man. On top of that, I have to study, cook, and make time for the Gym. I have almost no time to do anything and sometimes I work two weeks straight no day off.

For a long time the room was filled to the brim, laundry everyplace, under the bed and on the floor. The laundry basket would be overfilled, the bookshelf was filled with everything BUT books and it was so full of random stuff all over the place, stuff just kept non-stop falling down. The Drawer was full of unfolded cloths and hardly would shut. The closet was the same deal. It was horrible. Dear goodness. I wish I had taken pictures.

Around February 2015 I bought a laptop case for my new computer (freaking expensive computer that is) and because I’m obsessed with looking things up before I buy them I youtubed reviews on the case. I came across a Vlog under recommended, talking about planners. This is how I got into the planner society. I became interested and bought my Erin Condren Life Planner (ECLP). That is when my interest in organization came into place. Of course, I youtube reviews on the ECLP and came across a youtuber named “Organized Jen” and I followed her on Facebook. I immediately was inspired by her beautiful clean home an passion to keeping things tidy, neat and clutter free. A month later she made a post about how excited she was to read a book called “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. I thought the book look interesting, and of course I desperately needed help. So I ordered it.

As soon as I got the book I became addicted. I read the whole book in 2 days. There is just is so much knowledge and stories in there. I was appalled, I thought I was organizing the room this whole time, when really I was doing everything wrong. I was dead wrong about the way I was “Organizing”. That is why everything was always a mess, and when i’d clean it, it would revert back to a poop hole in a day or so.

Marie Kondo mentions that she became sick of having to clean on a daily basis, and that she actually doesn’t enjoy cleaning. Her method was to create a way that you can keep the room so tidy that it required very little maintenance. She claims that she has never had to go back to any of her clients because her method was THAT effective.

…and let me tell you. I have been using her method since March 2015. It is now July 2015… I have NOT had a messy cluttered room since before I read her book and used her method. In fact I applied this method to the whole house. So now, the whole house is clean and almost like a show home. Our room mates appreciate it.

So now you know, her methods do work, that is if you actually read the book front to back and apply her methods to your cleaning regime. I am going to let you in on a few of her tips that I found the most intriguing and you can decide yourself if you would like to purchase the book yourself – for deeper investigation. Remember! you will not be fully enlightened unless you read the book! because she fully explains why these methods work in her stories.

Let me remind you, this is a very small percentage of all the knowledge I gained in this book. Maybe like %1 lol. But to give you an idea.

1. Declutter first, Store Later. Marie Kondo mentions “We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.” to put it into action you would pick up each item in your hand and ask yourself if it sparks joy to you, if it does then you keep it, if it doesn’t you thank it for serving its purpose and then discard it. Before you start putting things away you must declutter everything. This means your going to be tearing out ALL of the cloths in your closets and drawers until you have this whopping mess of stuff infant of you, and begin sorting from there what you want to keep. She says that you should follow this order: Cloths first, then books, then papers, then misc. (Kimono in Japanese), and lastly moments (photos etc.). The purpose is to dispose a lot, be minimalistic. The less stuff you have the easier it is to maintain. Keep only things that spark your joy and give you purpose.

Tidy Kitchen

My Tidy Kitchen (and this isn’t even on the best days)

2. Set A place of everything. Everything you own should have a location for it to rest. Even the smallest things. If you do not have a designated place for each of your items, you will see things floating around the house here and there and things go missing!

3. Junk Drawers that have random stuff. Ha! this one I could relate to deeply. Marie Kondo mention that when she was a child she would obsessively organize her families drawers. She mentioned one day she organized a drawer in the hallway which was full of random things, scissors, glasses, caps, etc. Then the next day she organized a drawer in the kitchen, when she opened the drawer in the kitchen she could have swore that she already organized this drawer before because it was filled with the same random things in the hallway drawer. Then she realized the home had drawers all filled with random similar things all over the place. This is when she said to organize by category and not location. So for example, all office supplies will be in one spot, all papers will be in one spot, etc. Items should not be in random drawers all over the house.

Vertically folded Clothing.

Vertically folded Clothing.

4. Organize Vertically: Things like for example clothing, should be folded and organized vertically so you can see every piece of clothing you own, and have easy access to it. It looks neat and tidy too!

5. Tidy up all in one shot: Marie Kondo said “If you tidy up in one shot, rather than little by little, you can dramatically change your mind-set” can you imagine how good it feels to come home from work to sit down and have a cup of tea and just relax, and do very little to maintain your space? It is lovely, I can tell you, I have had five months of stress free cleaning.

Those are a few things I really liked that she mentioned in her book. There is just so much more. I could write so much more, but I didn’t want to make this post to long, or spoil the book. I feel Marie Kondo really deserves the credit for her hard work to figure out a such a great method (The KonMari Method). I appreciate her writing this book and being able to get this knowledge into my head. It really has changed my life, and I haven’t had clutter issues or overly messy home every since! But I URGE you to read the entire book!

Kikki-K Medium “Why Not” Planner Review

I must say, I am absolutely in love this medium Kikki-K Planner. This design is called the “Why Not”. Currently my “Unicorn” (In case you didn’t know that means if the planner you are absolutely addicted to). I love the texture and the design. The leather feels soft but not overly soft, definitely 9/10 on durability. The interior is fabric, pink with polka dots. The rings size is larger than the average planner. There is just so much to love about this planner. It is my perfect “On the Go” planner because of its size. (I try to keep my A5 sizes at home). Mind you, I also ordered this design in A5 size as well and it is equally beautiful. *Note: there were some complaints that some of the planners received have smears or stitching issues, but it is as expected from hand made items. However, if you ask the company they will ship a new one.

Kikki K "Why not" Medium

Kikki K “Why not” Medium

Design: 8/10
Colors: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Ring Size: 10/10
Mobility: 9/10
Feel: 10/10
Lays Flat?: No
Pockets: Front 3 and side, Back Side notepad slot.

If your into pastel pink and white than this is the planner for you. Take note that the dots on the outside appear black on the images online but in person they are more of a charcoal brown color, however the rings in this design are black. Definitely a win for me! No regrets buying it! Also, keep an eye out on my youtube channel because i may be posting a video so you cna take a look inside my set up!

Kikki K "Why not" Medium

Kikki K “Why not” Medium

Unboxing Kikki K Pink Textured Planner

I guess you can say that I had been “eyeballing” Kikki-K’s planners for a while now. But I wasn’t exactly sure if it fit what I needed for a daily planner. I have seen that Kikki-K has gotten tons of praise on youtube. People have come up with some really cool ways to set up their Kikki-K.

So when I saw that Kikki-K had a great deal on the Pink Textured Planner I grabbed one with an idea that I would use it for business ideas and managing money. Once the order processed I received it in about a week (paid for standard shipping – nothing special).

Kikki K Pink Leather Textured Planner

Kikki K Pink Leather Textured Planner

The first thing I noticed is that the planner claims to be leather (didn’t say if it was genuine leather or not) but the cover has sort of a “plasticky” (if you watch my youtube video you can see it up close) feel to it, not that it really bothers me. However, the cover is pretty thick and feels durable. The color is absolutely adorable, sort of a light plum pink. Opening up the planner, on the striped part, I think you can faintly see the glue they used…or thats what it looks like to me. But they did mention that the planners are hand made and each may come with flaws etc.

There had been a lot of complaints about Kikki-K having faulty binder rings, in which the rings did not clasp together properly. I did not see this issue with my planner, it actually fits together perfectly (which you can see in my unboxing video on youtube)

Kikki K VS Erin Condren Planner

Kikki K VS Erin Condren Planner

I was a little bummed out that the planner did not come with a weekly Calendar, and just the monthly Calendar. I failed to read exactly what it came with, so if you buy from Kikki-K make sure you read up on the description to make sure you are getting what you want. However, you can separately buy the weekly inserts from their website, which is ridiculous expensive by the way ($19 USD) – but you can find better deals on Etsy. That is why I decided that it would remain more of a filing planner than an actual daily planner. I decided to continue using my Erin Condren Planner instead.

Overall, I think its a very cute planner. I love how you can remove the pages (unlike EC Planner) and move things around; this is useful if you mess up a page. Anyhow, check out my video of the unboxing below, and if you haven’t already – please subscribe! :)

Fitness & Youtube

Fitness Warm Up For Beginners

Fitness Warm Up For Beginners

So today I decided to go out and make a quick video guide on “Fitness Warm Up For Beginners”. If you read my about page you would know that I am on my way to being a personal trainer (in a couple months)… Now, I do plan on creating a YT channel specifically for fitness – which will me and my fiancĂ© will be the host of. But for my blog channel I will just include workouts that are for people who would just like to maintain their weight and tone slightly.

I had a hard time recording the video because the autofocus on the camera sucks and keep making horrid screech sounds as it tried to adjust…and well… I can really focus the camera manually if I’m standing X feet away. So I decided to make it just a silent video with screen captions.

If you follow my blog posts and haven’t subscribed to my new youtube channel then please do! I will be posting all kinds of stuff that is related to this blog – and even anything you’d request (if i like the idea)

Anyways, lets see where this takes me.

Speck Smartshell in Calypso Blue Color Haze

Speck Smartshell Color Haze, Calypso Blue

Speck Smartshell Color Haze, Calypso Blue

Finally!, I found the color I was looking all over for. This is an adorable color from Speck. Designed for the Macbook Air 11″ this color is “Calypso Blue” in color haze. I just love how pretty the apple looks glowing through the case, and the case is such a fun and bright color.

The Speck Smartshell is a great case. I absolutely love this, it really does it job. Only after 1.5 weeks of use, I could already see tons of micro scratches that it has defended my Macbook Air from. This is from light use too, like moving the laptop around. I haven’t took my macbook outside from the home yet (so imagine if your a student and carry the case around almost every place you go – YA! This is why I would invest in protecting an expensive computer)

I decided to make an unboxing video as well as a review and comparison of colors. :)

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